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Porsche Sportacar Experiance Event With GT2RS – Video

Porsche Sportacar Experiance Event With GT2RS – Video

Experience the fascination of Porsche, go to your limits, enjoy thrilling sports car dynamics – all this and more at the Porsche Sport Driving School, with a sophisticated program designed to meet the needs and abilities of our clients.

At the Porsche Sport Driving School it’s all about practice – right from the very first moment. The overriding principle: learning by doing – working through the various training levels. In this way, you can finely hone your driving skills, step by step. From the basics of vehicle control through to applying for your own racing license.

At the Porsche Sport Driving School we offer a great facility, incredible cars and the most experienced instructors available. It’s no wonder, that many of our students make use of the various courses offered by the Porsche Sport Driving School time and time again to develop their skills further. And to take another step closer to their core goal: even more driving pleasure per second.



Feel the adrenaline of Porsche prowess on a race course designed for speed. The driving programs are intensive and perfect for enthusiasts looking for a visceral driving experience. The track is our classroom, so you will spend only an hour in the morning reviewing theory and procedures and then it is off to the track for the remainder of the day.

The Porsche Sport Driving School places drivers on the amazing Barber Motorsports road course for an experience of a lifetime. Offering both advanced and beginner level courses, most students will begin with either the One-Day Precision Driving Course or the Two-Day Performance Driving Course. Both introductory courses provide an acute look into high-performance capabilities of a Porsche while testing and developing the driver’s skills. Once this prerequisite is met, participants are invited to attend the Masters where we will carefully introduce open lapping. For those who have overdosed on racing air, the training level Masters RS or Masters RSR with the subsequent acquisition of a SCCA full competition license will even bestow a ticket to starting in motorsports.

PSDS is perfect for those who want to become more efficient and safer drivers as well as those interested in entering formal racing or club events. Through each program, you will be exposed to the most highly refined performance training models, methods and techniques available. We have something for all sports car lovers and Porsche enthusiasts!

Learn skills from past and current champions who have experience in all aspects of the sport. Our staff of instructors includes active race car drivers, as well as a mix of professional drivers who provide thorough insight into vehicle technology and driving techniques at the same time. Our Chief Driving Instructor, Hurley Haywood, is one of the most renowned race car drivers in the world. Winning the 24 Hours of Daytona over five times, the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times and the 12 Hours of Sebring twice positions him as the winner of more endurance classics than any other driver in racing history. He is joined by more than 60 other PSDS instructors that we believe are the most qualified, patient and knowledgeable in the business.

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