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NFL’s Justin Gilbert Road Rage Crash

NFL’s Justin Gilbert Road Rage Crash

First with the good news and move on to the detailsf: crashing his new Dodge Challenger into a ditch in Ohio last week, Cleveland Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert fortunatly walked away unhurt. Did he deserve to? Let’s check this out. Apparently, Gilbert somehow got into an road rage with a Mustang driver somewhere along highway 71. According to local News Net 5, “The accident happened when one vehicle cut off the other. The drivers exchanged middle fingers and Gilbert reportedly threw tobacco juice on the other vehicle.”

Tobacco juice, for the uninformed, refers to the cup filled with disgusting chewing tobacco that is spit out of someone’s filthy mouth. Apparently, this regurgitated brown juice can also double as an effective road rage weapon in times such as this. Following this un-classy display of road debauchery, Gilbert lost control of his vehicle, swerved off the highway and ended up in a ditch (instant karma). His vehicle suffered some damage and soon the Ohio State Highway Patrol arrived at the accident. Gilbert was given a ticket for failure to “maintain reasonable control of his vehicle”, while the other driver was cited for disorderly conduct.

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