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Modern Fiat 500 Jolly will cost you $89k

Modern Fiat 500 Jolly will cost you $89k

Custom built beach vehicles were never so awesome than the late ‘1950s Fiat 500 Jolly and it looks like we can have now the modern alternative.

The original Fiat Cinquecento (500)  Jolly was one of those cute weird cars back in the late 1950s, reserved for summer days with clean skies. It was made by Ghia between 57′ and 64′ and back then, it was a very expensive car for its size and purpose as it was aimed for rich customers looking for a fun holiday ride to their exclusive seaside resort.

And now today, where a company named Jollycar is bringing back the Fiat 500 Jolly, offering the modern equivalent of Ghia’s holiday commuter. Based on the new 500, the Jolly version has no roof, no doors, lots of wood and seats made out of bamboo. And for that rare summer rains, you can always put up its cute tent over the cabin.

The new Fiat 500 Jolly is available globally according to the company and can be custom made according to the buyer’s demands. Of course that’s something you should expect from a vehicle that starts from $89,000. Chopping a vehicle’s chassis safely is a delicate work and should justify some of the price.

This is a toy car for the rich to enjoy their vacations even more, just like its classic version did but that doesn’t take away anything from its cuteness.

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