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McLaren 570S New Mega Gallery

McLaren 570S New Mega Gallery

The baby McLaren looks and is more awesome than you could imagine

Isn’t it the cutest and none aggressive mid-engine V8 supercar out there? We like the balanced design and how it all comes together effortlessly, making it pleasing to look at. And even if the carbon-fiber bits and pieces aren’t all over the car (compared to other models), they are present and manage to perfectly complement the car’s appearance.

Some people might say the McLaren 570S looks better than the McLaren 650 series. Well, except the McLaren LT and Le Mans edition. Unlike the McLaren 650, which is one part McLaren P1 and three parts McLaren MP4-12C, the McLaren 570S was made from scratch and it shows – the car isn’t evolved from a previous model.

Anyway, this Silver Blade vehicle is offered for sale by McLaren Newport Beach, for an undisclosed sum. Nonetheless, we don’t expect to cost more than $200,000.

Under its carbon fiber hood is a 3.8-litre, 562 HP, twin-turbo V8, derived from the one found in the McLaren 650S. Granted, the engine has 30% of the components re-designed, but a tweaked version could rival its bigger brother. Weighing only 2,895 lbs, a stock McLaren 570S achieves a power to weight ratio of 428 horses per ton; 29 less than a stock McLaren 650S. Hmmmmmm……

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