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Liberty Walk Huracan Widebody Kit Pricing – $21,700

Liberty Walk Huracan Widebody Kit Pricing – $21,700

A few months ago, Liberty Walk showed a small portion of a mad Huracan that we didn’t know anything about. Until today.

While there are a few methods to get your brand new already expenssive Lamborghini Huracan to look like a GT3 racing car, very few if any of them will also give you that toy car type of look that some people seem to desire – in Japan particularly.

This is where LW comes in with their larger than imaginable widebody kits.

They offer two separate kits (ver.1 & ver.2) and prices deffer because of the materials they used.

The first one a ver.1 complete body kit (FRP) is $23,320, whereas the (CFRP) version, which is made of carbon fiber, will cost you $27,640.

For your info. FRP means Fibre-reinforced Plastic while, CFRP is Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic – it’s logical that it would cost a little.

Ver.2 is slightly less at $21,700 for the FRP and $26,020 for the CFRP. In each case, you get your front, side and rear diffusers, a rear wing and the wide fenders.

If you so want, you can also spend out $9,500 for the airrex air suspension, but some people may just prefer to keep things purely aesthetics.