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Ford Mustang GTD Exterior and Interior Revealed

Ford Mustang GTD Exterior and Interior Revealed

The iconic Ford Mustang is set to make a significant impact at Le Mans in GT3 racing trim, and to mark this milestone, Ford has unveiled exciting details about the street-legal version of the Mustang GTD. Among the key highlights are the first look at the GTD’s interior and the announcement of multiple option packages, including a performance-focused package.

Named the Performance Pack, these upgrades are designed to enhance weight reduction and aerodynamics. The front fascia is equipped with dive planes and a large splitter, while a drag reduction system is integrated into the massive rear wing. Underbody flaps are also included in the package. Additionally, the Lightweight Pack removes sound deadening materials, contributing to the car’s overall weight reduction. This package also features 20-inch magnesium wheels, finished in a striking new shade of paint called Chroma Flame.

Ford has not provided the rationale behind offering a performance upgrade on an already ultimate performance Mustang, nor has it disclosed the cost. However, the manufacturer states that this package will be crucial for the GTD to achieve a sub-seven-minute lap time at the Nurburgring.

In addition to the Performance Pack and Lightweight Pack, Ford will offer the GTD in a special Carbon Series. This series features unpainted carbon fiber body panels on the hood, roof, and portions of the decklid. The wheels, whether aluminum or magnesium, receive a Magnetite finish. The Carbon Series can be paired with one of six standard exterior colors, including the Chroma Flame.

Inside the GTD, the cabin retains the signature Mustang design, featuring 13.2-inch and 12.4-inch screens, similar to those in Premium trims. The GTD comes standard with Recaro seats, special display graphics, titanium shift paddles, and two new buttons on the center console. One button activates the various Track Apps, while the other operates the front-axle lift feature. A GTD-specific steering wheel and a clear window at the back, showcasing the pushrod suspension, complete the interior enhancements.

Ford plans a two-year production run for the GTD, with an estimated production number of around 1,400 units. Pricing is expected to start at no less than $325,000. Despite the high price, Ford has received over 7,500 applications from prospective buyers in the United States and Canada. While the application process in these regions is now closed, applications for buyers in Europe are about to begin.

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