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Ford Mustang Boss 302 Set on Fire by Vandals

Ford Mustang Boss 302 Set on Fire by Vandals

When a where Ford Mustang Boss 302, in this example, a modern-day example, is torched by vandals, even looking at the aftermath images is painful.

The track- specific Mustang you see here was burned down in Polk County, IA, with the owner turning to Reddit to tell the world how much he misses his pride and joy.

As you can see in the pictures, this was one serious fire, so the ‘Stang, which was wearing an appropiate number plate, is now dead. It seems that the engine hasn’t escaped the flames, so we can’t even talk about a project car.

Such an imagination would be a far stretch anyway, given the fact that the owner had full insurance coverage. His insurer is now working together with the police and the fire department, investigating the incident.

The man elaborates he normally keeps his Boss in the garage, but since this was full due to a kitchen renovation job, the car had to spend some nights on the driveway. The Mustang also had its tires slashed, as did a few of his neighbors’ vehicles.

As if that wasn’t enough suffrage, this Mustang went out with a bang – the fire caused the parking brake to disengage, with the vehicle rolling down the driveway.

The only thing that could take away as a positive side of this story is that the flames didn’t reach the gas tank, as an explosion could’ve spread the fire to the man’s house.

To begin to rationalize how much he loved his car, we’ll mention this is a Mustang guy who had been working his way up for some years now. In fact, you can see his pony history in the gallery below. The guy started off with a 1998 GT, moved on to a 2003 Mach 1 and then enjoyed the charms of a 2013 GT Premium.

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