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Ferrari Portofino Korea Premiere – Video

Ferrari Portofino Korea Premiere – Video

The event was held at the cultural complex ‘Sevitseom’, a prominent landmark on the Han River in the heart of downtown Seoul, to convey the emotions of the Portofino, a city famous for its beautiful harbor in Italy.

The event, which began with a presentation on the car, also included entertainment such as VR screen performance and a pop concert for the customers who have been looking forward to the launch of the Ferrari Portofino. In particular, the VR Performance, by realizing the outstanding performance and versatility features of Portofino with 3D screen drawings, garnered lots of attention.

The highlight of the event, the dramatic appearance of the Ferrari Portofino, also impressed the audience. The customers were deeply moved by the video portraying the Portofino as driving into Sevitseom, along with the actual vehicle’s sudden appearance behind the stage at the end of the video.


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