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Ferrari In South Korea – Video

Ferrari In South Korea – Video

On September 18, Ferrari invited customers to Young Bin Gwan, a traditional Korean house situated at Hotel Shilla in Seoul, for its 70th Anniversary celebrations. Reflecting the magnificence and sophistication of royal-style Korean architecture, the Young Bin Gwan was originally built in 1967 to host foreign state guests. It was the perfect setting for such a grand occasion to commemorate Ferrari’s history, brand culture and heritage that have been built up over the past 70 years.

The LaFerrari Aperta, the icon of Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations, was unveiled at the traditional Korean mansion, together with a photo exhibition of Ferrari’s historical moments and a multi-media performance. This performance, which showed the LaFerrari Aperta being driven all over the world as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations, captivated guests with gorgeous and modern unique visuals of Ferrari that is in harmony with the traditional Korean building.



Over the following two days, customers participated in a special rally event on Jeju Island. Dozens of Ferraris were driven alongside the picturesque scenery, such as Windmill Coastal Road, Songak Mountain, Sangumburi and Subji-koji. This event presented an unforgettable experience for participants and entertained Ferrari fans with the sight of dozens of Ferraris as they darted across the island. Ferrari and FMK graciously donated all participation fees from the rally to Holt Children’s Services Inc, a child welfare institution in Korea, thus making the event even more meaningful.

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