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Ferrari 9th Taiwan Rally 2017 – Video

Ferrari 9th Taiwan Rally 2017 – Video

2017 is the 9th year of the Ferrari Taiwan Rally. Over the past eight years, the Ferrari Taiwan Rally has created many incredible moments and unforgettable experiences for Ferrari owners in Taiwan. This year, as a tribute in celebration of the Ferrari 70th Anniversary, a series of exciting activities along with scenic routes were prepared so that more than 70 prancing horse owners could join us at this grand tour of Ferrari.

To kick off the rally, all of our drivers were held in suspense as they started off their first day in downtown Taichung then travelled through the towns of Central Taiwan taking their Ferraris into the green hills to discover the amazing mountain route views, before heading to the picturesque ancient city of Tainan. The Chi Mei Museum in Tainan opened its doors exclusively to Taiwan’s Ferrari owners for a unique tailor-made tour followed by a gala dinner. During the Museum visit, the visitors were entertained by the world-renowned violinist, Yu-Chien Tseng, who was awarded the top prize at the highly acclaimed Tchaikovsky Violin Competition in Moscow. All of our guests agreed that this was truly unforgettable outstanding performance.



On the second day, the drivers drove along the magnificent east coastline and travelled all the way to the Taitung Luyeh Highlands to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary. Together with a procession of limited editions cars including a La Ferrari Aperta, all of the 70 or more cars lined up neatly in a “70” formation on the very top of the mountain creating a nostalgic tribute to this special moment and celebrating the Ferrari 70th Anniversary together with the rest of the world.

On the final day, the fleet travelled to the South of the island and arrived at the final destination of Hengchun Airport in Pingtung County, where all of the prancing horses experienced the exhilarating Ferrari acceleration and acoustics along the 1700-meter long airport runway, as a true realization of “Driven by Emotion”!

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