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Fake BMW M Brake Caliper Covers

Fake BMW M Brake Caliper Covers

The seller of these fakes says they fit pretty much newer BMW’s built from 2008 until today, starting with the BMW 7 Series and ending with the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Last time we checked, there’s no such thing as an BMW M2 AT, but we could be wrong on that one!

In any case, the parts are made from sturdy ABS plastic that’s supposed to withstand heat fluctuations. The seller says they are totally safe to use with hot brakes, but we can’t help wonder what would happen if one were to jam suddenly against the rim and stop that wheel. It would be like not having anti-lock brakes on that corner and would guarantee a spin. But don’t let that keep you from living your BMW ///M dreams!

The installation seems very simple too – no screws involved. You just cut the caliper cover to the size that fits your BMW, apply some sort of glue and a band of double-sided tape and you’re done. Just wait until the whole thing sets and you have an M car. But the fact that the text over these photos is in Chinese raises some question marks about the quality of these products.

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