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Crashed Subaru WRX Sedan Transformed Into A Tuned Honda Civic – Video

Crashed Subaru WRX Sedan Transformed Into A Tuned Honda Civic – Video

The man wanted to do something crazy and was in for a little JDM-style fun, so he decided to mix a Subaru WRX and a front-wheel-drive Honda Civic back in 2010. We are talking about a Canadian amateur car builder who invested CAD5,500 and four solid months into creating a Frankenstein he nicknamed Cibaru.

It all started with an all will drive 2004 Subaru WRX sedan and a front will drive 1992 Honda Civic SI. Since we’re not living in the age of the straight forward body-on-frame approach anymore, dropping the Civic body shell “onto” onto the Subaru WRX platform was not as easy as it may sound to somebody with limited automotive knowledge outside the car world.

The man said he chose to go with an entire body swap instead of a mechanical swap thanks to the geometry and the strength of the mighty Subaru chassis. After playing with vehicle bodies for 15 years, the man had learned reinforcing stuff with the use of 2×1 (1/8) steel tubes is an excellent path, so this is what he did.

He started taking apart and welding, with the fabrication requiring intense complex jobs, such as the front fender job – the Subaru WRX wheelbase was shorter than that of the Honda Civic by 1.9 inches, so he had to work his way around that.

The guy wanted to stay clear off the typical ricer paths, so he tried to skip putting the Subaru WRX hood scoop on the Honda Civic. As you can see, he was forced to change his mind, as the turbo piping was not to be messed with.

After completing the entire project, the guy enjoyed the fruits of his hard earned labor for over three months and miles (km). The Geico was sold subsequently, so somebody is probably enjoying its sleeper characteristics out there as you are reading this. Check out the cool  video below to see what we mean by “sleeper”.