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Corvette-Powered Dodge Power Wagon

Corvette-Powered Dodge Power Wagon

We’re sure you know what the old Dodge Power Wagons is. In fact, they’re really not all that hard to find if you’re looking for an old classic truck restoration project.

But then we spotted this brilliant piece of restomod awesomeness during one of our never-ending eBay Motors searches. What you’re looking at was at one time a regular 1949 Dodge Power Wagon.

In 2012, however, it was given to Legacy Trucks, a vintage and classic truck restoration/ customization shop based out of Idaho state.

Aside from installing a full performance coil-over suspension, disc brakes, locking differentials, crossover steering, dual circuit, and power brakes, there’s a GM fuel-injected 6.2-liter LS3 V8 under with the hood.

Yes, a GM Corvette engine that makes 480 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. And just to make this thing sound serious, a 3″ dual exhaust was added.

Inside is described as minimalist but comfortable, equipped with performance Corbeau racing seats, an internal roll cage, and a rubber floor.

The seller claims it’s easy to live with and there’s been no mechanical or electric issues. In fact, it just completed a road trip from Los Angeles to Jackson Hole, Wyoming without any problems. Well, there is one hitch, and that’s the price: $79,000.


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