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Citroen E-Mehari by Courreges – Video

Citroen E-Mehari by Courreges – Video

Citroën presents today a very exclusive limited edition NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges, limited to 61 cars in reference to the year the Courrèges fashion house was founded. A great way to pursue the successful collaboration it began in 2016 with the Fashion House, which at the time was reflected in the form of a bright concept car. With this limited edition NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges, the two French Brands reaffirm the meeting of their universes based around shared values such as creativity and innovation, driven by the goal of sustainable mobility. The two Brands have audaciously gone down the opposite route of the white of the original concept car, a true hallmark and symbol of light for the renowned Fashion House, by playing with a diametrically opposed exterior colour – Vinyl Black.

E-MEHARI ASSERTS ITS UNIQUE AUTOMOBILE CHARACTER: Through this exclusive limited edition, which heralds a new generation, E-MEHARI is asserting its unique automobile character and becoming more modern, while remaining fresh and user-friendly. It has taken a leap forward in terms of quality and comfort thanks to a new interior design and the arrival of technical developments. Comprising a new structure and henceforth bodyworked at the Rennes plant, it now features steel roll bars, for example. New features, such as the Hard Top and matching windows, “Easy Entry” system, central locking system and airbags bring modernity, versatility and on-board comfort.



The embodiment of optimism and freedom, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges is an “It car” with a unique character, and a modern reference to one of the brand’s icons. Its potential to appeal to people looking for a trendy model in tune with the times and who care about protecting the environment has been reinforced.

A new interpretation of the collaboration between the car maker and the fashion house, the elegant limited edition NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges reinforces its unique and offbeat personality with its totally black exterior and entirely white interior.

A true fashion statement, this raised 4-seater convertible, standing firm on its Black diamond-cut 15” GIVE ME FIVE alloy wheels, can now become an urban saloon thanks to its ingenious black standard Hard Top. Moreover, its front windows, tinted rear quarterlights and rear glass window enhance the robust feel of E-MEHARI and give it a sturdy character. These features also improve the car’s acoustics and render it more theft-proof.

This exclusive version is immediately identifiable owing to its “Styled by Courrèges” labelling with brushed metal effect, on the foot of the central arch and on the boot hatch. Going down the opposite route to the Geneva concept, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges has an entirely black exterior. It is adorned in an elegant black robe draped over its two Gloss Black arches, in harmony with its entirely Vinyl Black bodywork. This stark colour scheme reflects a desire to surprise with unprecedented Colours & Materials work. This black deliberately contrasts with the Bright White interior upholstery and white enhanced dashboard trim, true to the Courrèges colour scheme.

On board, NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges has a light, attractive interior effect. In addition to the White upholstery with tone-on-tone borders, the horizontally-designed dashboard trim is also embellished with White TEP trim. To enhance the dashboard, an elegant strap embellished with the Courrèges and an aluminium screen-printed and varnished numbered custom plate have been carefully applied in front of the front passenger. The other straps, located by the doors, hark back to the spirit of the latest Citroëns, and are inspired by the worlds of travel and leather goods.

Its totally redesigned passenger compartment that features the Brand’s new stylistic codes allow NEW CITROËN E-MEHARI Styled by Courrèges to make a real leap forward, further reinforcing its high quality image. The game of contrasts continues within the passenger compartment with a storage compartment area by the central console, which is the same colour as the bodywork – Gloss Black. A customised bicolor bag sold with the car and delivered by Courrèges to your home has also been designed for you to be able to take your personal belongings with you, and slide them easily into the boot.

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