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Tuned Evo VIII vs Subaru STI, 5.0 Mustang, and Eagle Talon – Video

February 23, 2016 |


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII armed with an FP Black Turbo squares up against a 20G Subaru STI, Mustang 5.0 and FP Turbo Eagle Talon.


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2016 Subaru WRX STI vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – Video

February 14, 2016 |

2016 Subaru WRX STI vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition: 0-100km/h, engine sound.


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The Smoking Tire – 450WHP 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX – Video

February 10, 2016 |


Making 450 Wheel HP from its built, turbocharged 4G63 engine, this ancestor of the Evo is stupendously quick in a straight line, and can hold its own in the canyons.



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Classic Mustang with a Mitsubishi 4G63 4cyl Turbo Swap – Video

January 31, 2016 |



Check out this old school Mustang rocking a new school Mitsubishi 4G63 4cyl Turbo Swap! Let the hate begin.


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600HP Evo vs Turbo LSx Fox Mustang – Video

January 28, 2016 |


A 600+hp Evo battles this turbo LSx Fox on the streets of Florida! The import vs domestic match ups just NEVER get old, and here is a prime example! The Evo is rocking a Precision 6466 paired with … Read More

Autobytel – 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition Review – Video

January 25, 2016 |

2015 marks the end of the road for one of the most popular sport compact cars to ever grace the road. The Mitsubishi EVO is basically a road-going rally car packed with a turbocharged 303 horsepower engine and AWD. … Read More

Street Race- Built Mitsubishi Evo X vs Stock Corvette C7 Z06 – Video

January 19, 2016 |


Street Race featuring  Built Mitsubishi Evo X vs Stock Corvette C7 Z06, traction is a major issue for the Z06.


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Drag Race – Modified Mitsubishi EVO vs Ferrari F12 – Video

January 15, 2016 |



Drag Race featuring Modified Mitsubishi EVO vs Ferrari F12, F12 was sleeping off the line but the top end is insane.


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Mitsubishi Lancer Frozen In Ice Rescued – Video

January 14, 2016 |

A car that was turned into an ice sculpture after waves from Lake Erie covered the vehicle in inches of ice has been freed.


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Street Racing a Tesla P85D vs 700HP Mitsubishi EVO – Video

December 27, 2015 |

Dad went off on a Business trip again and kid was fortunate to be left the keys to get some more awesome street racing footage for the channel. He found a couple Toyota Supra’s, nice Subaru STI Hatch, a Chevy … Read More

Mitsubishi Evo vs Mustang street drag race FAIL – Video

November 19, 2015 |


Mitsubishi Evo vs Mustang street drag race FAIL, the Mustang driver needs to check what gear the car is in before starting a race.

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Mitsubishi Evo rally car takes flight – Video

November 14, 2015 |


Mitsubishi Evo rally car takes flight, the Evo was at least 4 to 5 feet vertical.


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Mitsubishi Motors North America donates limited-production and highly collectible car to National MS Society – Official

November 12, 2015 |
  • Mitsubishi Motors North America donates limited-production and highly collectible car to National MS Society, Pacific South Coast Chapter
  • Auction is now live on eBay and concludes Nov. 21 at the 29th annual MS Dinner Auction

Mitsubishi Motors North … Read More

Mitsubishi eX Concept – Official

October 28, 2015 |

The MITSUBISHI eX Concept is a vision for a compact SUV powered by a next-generation EV system. In terms of design, overall it evokes the image of a sports crossover zipping nimbly around town as it merges the elegance and … Read More

Mitsubishi EMIRAI 3 xDAS concept

October 14, 2015 |

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today its EMIRAI 3 xDAS, concept car featuring next-generation driving-assistance technology that promises to enhance the safety and comfort of driving. EMIRAI 3 xDAS will be exhibited during the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 at the Tokyo … Read More

Is this the last Evo vs WRX Sti Comparison? – Video

October 12, 2015 |

Well, that’s it. Mitsubishi has revealed the Evo Final Edition. With no successor planned, the Subaru WRX STI, which we also adore, has the entire street legal rally car-inspired market to itself.

The guys at Subaru are probably beyond pleased. … Read More

COPS vs Sweden Illegal 1000Hp car street race – Video

October 9, 2015 |

This 75mm turbo Evo is a serious street machine! Rocking big Mickey Thompson slicks all around to grip and go, this guy put the hurt on the big block nitrous Volvo in this feature! We love seeing unique cars, … Read More

United States 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition – Official – Video

October 5, 2015 |


Engine is the familiar inline-four, 16-valve 2.0-liter turbocharged and intercooled motor pushing out 303 bhp and 305 lb-ft of torque working together with the proprietary Super All Wheel control. It also gets Brembo two-piece front rotors, Eibach springs and Bilstein shock … Read More

1144whp Mitsubishi Evo by English Racing – Video

October 2, 2015 |

This is one crazy evo monster of a Japanese car! Dialed in for its next 1/2mile event, this Mitsubishi Evo is easily a crowd favorite. Pulled in a record breaking and amazing 1144whp on the rollers with near full boost. … Read More

How its built – Mitsubishi Evo Final Edition – Video

October 2, 2015 |

Take a look at the factory in Japan where they build the Mitsubishi Evo Final Edition. We just hope there will be another generation after this. Acording to Mitsubishi this is the last one and if it is the last … Read More

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