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Chris Evans Selling His Car Collection

August 15, 2015 |

New “Top Gear” host Mr. Chris Evans has stirred up some serious mixed feelings with the auto motive fans. Some love him and are happy he is bringing the show back, and others hate him and say that he is not a worthy successor … Read More

RM Sotheby’s Pinnacle Portfolio auction Sold For $67,000,000

August 14, 2015 | | 4 Comments

As usual Ferraris continue to bring in money during classic vehicle auctions, and the sale of RM Sotheby’s Pinnacle Portfolio collection during 2015 Monterey Car Week is only more proof of that. The Prancing Horse took four of the top five spots among the all the … Read More

Classic Ferraris And Porsches Invade Singapore

August 13, 2015 |

With lots of participants bringing some of the finest classic creations from two of our favorite brands Porsche and Ferrari, a recent gathering that took place in Singapore drew a load of drivers that each own a part of history from two of Europe’s finest car makers.

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Lawyer’s parking spot has a Huayra on Friday and a LaFerrari on Monday

August 12, 2015 | | 4 Comments

This reserved parking spot had an amazing looking Pagani Huayra in it on Friday and a rare silver Ferrari LaFerrari in it on Monday. We found out because a Redditor by the user name Damn_Lochness_Monsta uploaded pictures of both hyper cars.

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606HP Ferrari 458 by Litchfield Imports

August 12, 2015 |

British Supercar tuner Litchfield Imports has officially unveiled a new performance kit for the Ferrari 458 Italia that takes the popular supercar to the next level for the customer that is not satisfied with the stock performance. The Ferrari 458’s 4.5-liter V8 engine already delivers amazing performance in stock form … Read More

Ferrari 458 speciale vs Renault Megane RS at Nurburgring – Video

August 11, 2015 |

Renault Megane RS driver meeting a swedish Ferrari 458 speciale driver at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Renault Megane RS Specs:

Renaultsport Megane R.S. 250 (2011) M3RS CUP KW Clubsport suspension – raeder motorsport #under8 setup PFC Performance Friction Brake Pads … Read More

Kylie Jenner gets a Ferrari 458 Spider for her 18th birthday From Tyga – Video

August 11, 2015 |

Kylie Jenner got a birthday present from the rapper Tyga that blows that Mercedes G-Wagon away out of the water. Its  a Ferrari 458 convertible. Not bad for an 18 year old girl.

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Double parked Ferrari 458 Hamann Towed by The Police in Cannes – Video

August 10, 2015 |

For whatever reason, there’s a small percentage of supercar owners that seem to think that the rules of the road do not apply to them.

These are type of people who tend to cross lanes without signaling, rev insanely was lower exhaust through quiet … Read More

Spoiled 20 years old burns Ferrari So father would buy him a new one

August 10, 2015 |

For most of the population, the dream of having a true supercar is something so impossible that we wouldn’t know how to behave if we were handed the keys to one. But when your dear father has already bought you 15 supercars which including a Lamborghini and … Read More

Yellow Ferrari 488 GTB up close exhaust sound – Video

August 10, 2015 |

This time automotive Youtuber cvdzijden videod a yellow Ferrari 488 GTB and its glorious turbocharged engine. By the way this is the first one for in Netherlands! The Ferrari 488 GTB has a 3.8 V8 engine, twin turbo with 670 horsepower and a topspeed of 330 km/h!

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1 of 40 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 599 For Sale

August 10, 2015 |

Many car lovers hear “Ferrari” and only think flashy supercars and rare  hypercars. That’s not far off, but remember that the Italian automaker also has a successful racing history.

Its Formula1 team is celebrated with the Ferrari 599 GTB Alonso Final Edition, or 60F1, seen here into photo … Read More

Beverly Hills invasion featuring McLaren P1 and Bugatti Vitesse – Video

August 7, 2015 |

This YouTube video features an amazing sight: a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse driver sees buddy in a gorgeous white McLaren P1, does a u-turn, and begins cruising following him! Then, they park–along with the Platinum Motorsport Liberty Walk Ferrari 458–and grab all the attention on the street. Just another normal Saturday … Read More

Ferrari 458 Speciale and Porsche 991 GT3 Le Mans Road Trip – Video

August 6, 2015 |

The Supercars we’re guiding across northern France to the 2015 historic race – the Porsche 991 GT3 and Ferrari 458 Speciale – rank amongst the ultimate road-going versions to benefit from such race-bred technology.

The PDK transmission in the Porsche GT3, for example, can trace its … Read More

Ferrari F12 Speciale rear end spied with no camouflage

August 6, 2015 |

The Ferrari F12 Speciale has been captured undisguised once again before to an official debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

It was earlier in the week when we saw the special model with completely no camouflage and now it’s back end in yet another revealing … Read More

Guy Martin driving a Ferrari FXX – Video

August 6, 2015 |

Special Guest Guy Martin drives a SCD members FXX aggressively during the Diamond 9 event.

The Ferrari FXX’s motor is based on Ferrari Enzo’s, but displacement has been increased to 6,262 cc (6.3 L; 382.1 cu in) from its original 5,998 cc (6.0 L; 366.0 cu in). Output has … Read More

Ferrari F430 vandalized with an ice cream cone – Video

August 4, 2015 | | One Comment

Owning a nice car isn’t all rosie and delightful. As the owner of this Ferrari F430 has proven previously in his videos, both driving around town and parking in public can result in unusual people behavior.

But nothing comes close to the jerk who … Read More

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB Review by CAR magazine TV – Video

August 4, 2015 |

CAR magazine’s featuring a full video road test of the all new 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB – the first introductory V8 supercar from Maranello to sport two turbochargers.

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Ferrari 488 Spider Imagined

August 3, 2015 |

Go ahead and imagine about taking down the top on this 660 or star Italian supercar, while also imagining yourself in other droptop exotics. Odds are, you’ll be still thinking about the 488 Spider, right?

The new Ferrari 488 Spider is one extremely beautiful  supercarcar. Even though … Read More

LaFerrari burnout and powerslide in Beverly Hills – Video

August 3, 2015 |

SouthBaySupercars recently Videos this forign Qatar registered Ferrari LaFerrari pulling a pretty massive powerslide in mid day daylight on the streets of Beverly Hills California.

Pretty insane to watch, but maybe not the time and place for such behavior! What do you think, would you have done the … Read More

Crashed Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Priced At €77,000

August 3, 2015 |

If you thought €9,500 for a destroyed & burned to a crisp Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG is crazy, then €77,000 for a thoroughly destroyed Ferrari F12 is downright in see especially taking into account that half of the top of the car is missing and there’s not a single body panel left usable.

The … Read More

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