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Byton K Byte Concept Electric Sedan – Video

Byton K Byte Concept Electric Sedan – Video

BYTON K-Byte Concept breaks the mold of conventional sedans to bring Level 4 autonomous driving technology to life. BYTON K-Byte Concept closes the gap between self-driving and self-realization.

Freed from driving, it is time to expand your personal comfort in your car. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, BYTON K-Byte Concept turns the vehicle into a living and working space. You can enjoy all the benefits of being chauffeured without being confined to the back seat.

Since it’s a concept, there aren’t many actual specs available, but the K-Byte is one seriously impressive looker. It has the same sort of everything-jammed-together front end that we’ve seen in other concept cars such as the Lucid Air and the Faraday Future FF 91. The back sort of mirrors the front, but there’s some interesting styling on the C-pillar.

If you’re wondering what all those weird attachments are, it’s part of the car’s autonomous driving system. Byton announced that it’s partnering with Aurora, a startup dedicated to creating a SAE Level 4 self-driving platform. Aurora’s CEO is none other than ex-Google whiz kid Chris Urmson, so you know it’s a serious company. It’s already penned agreements with both Hyundai and Volkswagen, so it appears Byton will be in good shape.


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