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BMW M2 Out Testing in the French Alps – Video

BMW M2 Out Testing in the French Alps – Video

The upcoming BMW M2 subject is getting more and more attention as the Germans are seemingly performing the last tests of the car ahead of its unveiling. More and more prototypes are being spotted around the world, in the most exotic locations, showing that the BMW M division is thorough about its testing.

The last encounter on file was in the French Alps, where an BMW M2 was spotted doing some driving alongside an BMW M235i. What makes this following video special though is the fact that the spotted was extremely close to the car and got some audio of its inline 6 engine too, a perfect moment to compare the newcomer to the M Performance model it is based on.

As you can hear, the BMW M2 has a much meaner, deeper and muscular tone, proving that it is an actual M car. Under the bonnet lies a highly upgraded version of the N55 engine used on the BMW M235i as well. It is supposed to make around 370 HP and 520 Nm (384 lb-ft) of torque, even though nobody confirmed those numbers so far.

Other interesting differences easy to spot come from the way the two cars look like. If you thought the BMW M235i was mean looking, you would be blown away by how mad the BMW M2 will be. The wider fenders, the broader and lower stance along with the enhanced aerodynamics make it stand out in the crowd.

The biggest debate around this vehicle right now is whether it will be a DCT-only option or if a manual will be offered as well. Unfortunately for us, all the prototypes we saw this far were fitted with the new dual-clutch transmission but hope is still there.

As for the launch date, the BMW M2 will enter production this November so chances are we’re going to see it for the first time in Frankfurt in September during the 2015 IAA and in some press launch even prior to that, most likely in August.

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