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Audi S3 vs Mercedes CLA 250 Sport Comparison – Video

Audi S3 vs Mercedes CLA 250 Sport Comparison – Video

Roughly 10 years ago Japan made the best all-wheel-drive performance sedans with small turbocharged engines in the market. But now, the Germans are fighting it out, and we can’t say we don’t like what is happening with the segment. Not only are the Audi S3 sedan and Mercedes CLA 45 AMG fast, but they are also comfortable and have quality interiors.

There’s a little issue with comparing the audi S3 sedan to the Mercedes CLA 45, isn’t there? The Audi S3 may be more affordable, but it’s huge 60 horsepower down and lacks some of the more exotic styling details.

But what if we change the comparison upside down and ask Mercedes what they can offer for Audi S3 price range? The Audi starts at €41,200 in Germany, but we’ll be generous and call it an even €44,000 because everybody wants the Audi S tronic and LED headlights from the options list.

In Mercedes the Mercedes range, the most dominant non-AMG version of the Mercedes CLA is called 250 Sport, and it comes with a huge price tag of €45,065. Ouch!

For that, you still get the 4Matic all-wheel drive system and 7-speed gearbox of the AMG, but the 2-liter turbo found under the hood only produces 218 PS. With zero to 100 km/h taking 6.4 seconds, this is more like a rival for the Volkswagen Golf GTI than anything else.

For years, we’ve been saying that Mercedes needs a model between the Mercedes CLA 250 and the mighty C63 not rotate it 90 degrees and drop it in there.

This next review about a year old and was done in Australia. There, European imports are heavily taxed, and both cars come standard with even more equipment to justify their pricing. The Audi S3 has a huge performance advantage, being 1.4 seconds faster from a standing start and being equipped with a limited slip differential. However, the Mercedes CLA has the most desirable badge and a design that appeals to many. But if the looks are all you want, why not get a basic Mercedes CLA 180?

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