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Audi RS7 by SR Auto

Audi RS7 by SR Auto

We don’t want to sound like drooling, but we never wanted an any Audi more than we want this particular modified Audi RS7.  just take a look at it! It sports just a few add-ons and yet you can stare it down for a few hours on end. SR Auto did a great job, this time.

Its already sinister looking smile is emphasized by the unique paint work, which seems to sport a matte-midnight violet wrap on the sides, coupled together by an overall metallic graphite – all this contrasted by brilliant subtle style cues and silver OEM accents regularly found on stock Audi RS7s.

Add to the supercar slayer a set of PUR LG09 wheels and you’ve got yourself one nasty Audi. In fact, the wheels are the vehicle’s main attraction, as they couldn’t complement the whole styling exercise better than this ever could.

They feature a traditional bulky five spoke design and they’ve been engineered for maximum concavity (at least as concave as you can get with this 5-spoke design style) – a rim etiquette that make vehicles look cool since the Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole rolled out on Campagnolo wheels.

That said, the tire/wheel combination seems inspired from the JDM Volk rims and it does give the Audi a unique “retro” feel, which is highlighted by the vehicle’s low-down, fastback proportions. Granted, the Gloss Chestnut Brown Face of the wheels has something to do with it too.

Mind you, the height of this Audi is just right and that’s partly because it has a KW coilover system. Unfortunately, information about engine performance mods – if any – not revealed, but we personally think the stock 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, developing 560 horse power and 516 lb-ft of torque is enough to make the Supercar killer go as it looks. amazing!

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