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2019 Kia Ceed Factory – Video

2019 Kia Ceed Factory – Video

The Kia Motors Slovakia (KMS) plant in Žilina launched the third-generation Ceed model series. Designed, developed, built and manufactured in Europe – its role will strengthen Kia’s position in the compact segment of the old continent. The first five-door hatchback version will be available for production, followed by the extended Sportswagon for three months.

“Our production lines have so far abandoned more than 1.27 million units of the first and second generation cee’d. We are convinced that the third generation will move us significantly across the two million mark and will continue to be the pioneer of Kia brand growth in Europe, “says Dae Sik Kim, president and CEO of the company. Starting the third-generation five-door hatchback generation also means ending production of the same type of second-generation cee’d model. So for less than three months, a fate of Sportswagon is waiting for the fate.



The next generation Ceed is the evolution of the previous one. The most significant change was in the safety and greening of available engines. There will be a remote-assistant, a driver’s attention tracking system, a lane care assistant, a front-end warning and protection system. The 1.4-liter turbo delivers a 1.6-liter diesel engine designed to go beyond the limits of the latest Euro 6d TEMP emission standard.

“These news are just a small, though essential, part of the comprehensive mix of innovation brought by the new Ceed. The start of production of this model, including new engines, will require a significant portion of the 300 million euros we invested last year and this year in our factory, “says President Dae Sik Kim. It was necessary not only to upgrade production lines, but also a training program for employees was massive. About 202 employees traveled to Korea last year, followed by another 101 this year. In Slovakia, over 1,000 workers have been trained in several phases. From the pre-production versions of the cars, the employees were trained directly on the production lines by composing and re-distributing the model again for three months. Testing took place outside factories,

The five-door hatchback required 64 new molds, the Sportswagon version of the 25th. There was almost every production line on the production line to change the existing technology, the painting required modification of the conveyor system, reprogramming of the robots, and six new colors. The third generation of the Ceed model will be aimed at customers in eleven color variants. The engine room had to prepare itself for the production of a new type of diesel engine.

“This is just part of the preparations that we had to complete in connection with the launch of serial production of the new Ceed. I am convinced that we have not underestimated and our customers will be happy with their new cars. We are already looking forward to launching sales that are scheduled for next month. Our mission will not end with the new Ceed coming out of the production line. But only when he finds his satisfied owner who will use him for many years, “adds President Dae Sik Kim.