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2019 Ford F-Max Truck – Video

2019 Ford F-Max Truck – Video

A sense of spaciousness was key to the design of F-Max’s cabin, according to Ford. It features a cockpit-style dashboard to ensure that all functions are within easy reach of the driver. The cabover design, which is no longer common in the U.S. for Class 8 trucks, features a sleeper cab with plentiful storage compartments and a foldable upper bed, aiming for a comfortable environment for drivers.

Ford also touted its engine with 492 hp and 1843 lbs.-ft. of torque (converted from metric horsepower and newton meters) coupled to a 12-speed ZF automated transmission.

The F-Max also features Ford’s ConnecTruck remote diagnostics, telematics, and fleet management system. The truck is offered with several driver assistance systems, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Predictive Cruise Control, Advanced Emergency Brake System, Hill Launch Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Adjustable Speed Limiter Device, and Electronic Stability Control.



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