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2018 Peugeot 308 – Video

2018 Peugeot 308 – Video

The long list of ADAS Peugeot 308 includes, among many, the Active Lane Departure Warning , that system, in addition to alerting the driver in case of exit from his lane, actively acts on the steering to bring the car back to inside; but that’s not all, to this is added the Adaptive Cruise Control , the system that automatically maintains the speed set by the driver and the distance from the vehicle ahead, accelerating and decelerating automatically up to 30 km / h in combination with manual transmission, or arriving even to stop the car if equipped with the automatic transmission.

Between 5 and 140 km / h, moreover, thanks to the Active Safety Brake , 308 is able to recognize stationary or moving vehicles as well as pedestrians; he can then brake to reduce or avoid the collision altogether. The driver is also warned in advance by the Distance Alert system which signals a too close distance from vehicles that predate us.

But that’s not all, Peugeot 308 is able to warn the driver of the presence of a vehicle in the blind area of ​​the rearview mirror thanks to the Active Blind Corner Assist that, in addition to monitoring the area, acts on the steering to prevent the driver from leaving own lane and collide.



The Driver Attention Alert monitors the driver’s state of attention and calls him to the driver with sound and visual signals. The car is then able to read the speed limits from the road signs and proposes to adapt the speed using the cruise control.

At night, the High Beam Assist switches high and low beam automatically and depending on the presence of other vehicles on the road.

Finally, 308 can be equipped with Park Assist and 180 ° Visiopark , elements that offer active assistance to parking and a 180 ° view of the vehicle to facilitate maneuvers.

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