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2018 Peugeot 308 by Arduini Corse – Video

2018 Peugeot 308 by Arduini Corse – Video

From an idea by Massimo Arduini, Team Principal of the Arduini Corse factory, a new concept of road car is born, with an aggressive and typically racing look, but conceived for the pleasure of driving on the road.

308 by Arduini Corse can count on important developments that mainly concern aerodynamics, the development of the engine control unit, the braking system and the exhaust.

The technicians of the Milan factory have worked intensively on the already excellent base of the Peugeot 308 GTi sports, focusing on targeted developments of elements useful for sport driving, mechanical parts and control unit, in particular.

These in detail the elements involved in the transformation:

Control unit: the power has been increased electronically from the standard 272hp to 302hp, taking advantage of the experience gained in 2016 with the Peugeot 308 Mi16, a multi-licensed car certified in the TCS category and deriving from the series.



Brakes: Arduini Corse has relied on the world leader in braking systems: Brembo Racing, using self-ventilated road discs with an Ergal bell that guarantees greater stiffness when braking; Brembo brake pads mod 340.

Aerodynamics: all the components are Peugeot Sport derived from the racing car, the 308 Racing Cup.

Exhaust: central single-pipe stainless steel silencer in order to optimize interventions to the control unit and which, moreover, guarantees a rather satisfying sound.

Dimensions: Increased track width of 22 cm and reduced weight to 1,155 kg

Shock absorbers: adjustable 2-way KW

Rims: 9×18 “in place of the 19” standard, with oversized offset

Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

Fire extinguisher: can be swiveled inside the passenger side car

The road car with concept racing, made in a single model, has an identification plate on the central tunnel and “Arduini Corse” badges on the car and rear sides.

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