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2018 Mazda 6 Sedan & Wagon – Video

2018 Mazda 6 Sedan & Wagon – Video

The latest update to the new Mazda6 Sedan and Wagon
is the most comprehensive yet, offering enhanced quality
in almost every detail of Mazda’s flagship model.

It features a more mature, elegant and refined exterior design,
and extensive interior revisions including completely new
front and rear seating, premium quality trim and finish detailing
throughout and, for models equipped with the MZD Connect
multimedia system, the availability of Apple Car Play and
Android Auto*.

New technologies boost the performance of all SKYACTIV
powertrains, and driving dynamics have been enhanced
through increased body rigidity, steering and suspension
system revisions, greater aerodynamic efficiency and
reduced NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).
Safety has also been improved, the New Mazda6 offering
an even wider range of driver support systems through
the adoption of advanced i-ACTIVSENSE safety features
such as Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go**,
and a 360° View Monitor.



Every aspect of the new Mazda6’s KODO – Soul of Motion
exterior and interior design has been driven by a ‘Mature
Elegance’ development concept, elevating its overall
presentation to the pinnacle of quality and refinement
appropriate to the flagship of the Mazda brand.

The exterior design further accentuates the essential elegance
of the Mazda6. Features such as the new front grille contribute
to an image of powerful motion that flows from front to rear,
the settled, stable nature of a low center of gravity, and a more
refined look of dignified beauty.

On board, the new Mazda6’s driving environment has been
further evolved and refined based on the company’s
human-centered design philosophy. Major changes to areas
such as the instrument panel and door trim create an
elegant atmosphere within the cabin. The front and rear seats
provide greater comfort and a more natural posture,
and the instrumentation has been made easier to read.

New technologies introduced in the
gasoline engines, as well as the SKYACTIV-D
2.2 clean diesel engine.
• All engines are homologated according
to the requirements of the new WLTP/
RDE test cycle, and meet Euro 6d temp
emissions regulations.
• Torque at low rpm boosted for faster
throttle response from a standstill, and
changes in acceleration in response
to accelerator pedal action optimised.
• SKYACTIV-D 2.2 (Fuel consumption:
4.4 – 5.4 l/100km, CO2 emissions:
117 – 142 g/km) adopts Rapid Multi-stage
Combustion. A new stepped design for the
egg-shaped pistons combines with ultrahigh-response
multi-hole piezo injectors to
increase combustion efficiency.

A new, urea Selective Catalytic Reductions
(SCR) system significantly reduces NOx
emissions, achieving an excellent level of
environmental performance and complying
with strict EURO 6d temp emissions
• Sodium-filled exhaust valves enhance
heat transfer and coolant control valves
improve engine warm-up efficiency for
improved real-world fuel economy.
• A new two-stage, twin turbocharger with
variable turbine geometry increases
maximum output from 129 to 135 kW, and
maximum torque from 420 to 445 Nm.

High precision DE Boost Control over torque
response in reaction to accelerator pedal
operation offers performance that more
closely matches the driver’s intentions.
• Evolutions to both the Natural Sound
Smoother and Natural Sound Frequency
Control systems deliver an even quieter
drive with a more pleasing engine note.
• SKYACTIV-G 2.0 (Fuel consumption:
6.1 – 6.6 l/100km, CO2 emissions:
139 – 150g/km)* features new high-flow
intake ports, increased fuel spray pressure
and redesigned nozzles for the multi-hole
injectors, a new piston and piston skirt
barrel shape, a coolant control valve for
improved engine warming efficiency and
asymmetrical oil rings.

As a result, low-end torque is boosted by
6.2%, while the resulting efficiency gains
mean emissions easily comply with the new
WLTP / RDE test cycles, falling well under
the particle number limits without needing
a gasoline particle filter.
• SKYACTIV-G 2.5 (Fuel consumption:
6.7 – 6.8 l/100km, CO2 emissions:
153 – 156g/km)* features a high, 13.0:1
compression ratio, the reduced weight
of an aluminium-alloy cylinder block
and a balancer unit that reduces low
frequency rattling.
• A new cylinder deactivation system
reduces fuel consumption when driving at
constant speed of 80 km/h.

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