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2016 Ford GT Driving on Public Road – Video

2016 Ford GT Driving on Public Road – Video

Forget the neighborhood Police or public watch –  car lovers from the entire country are on a constant look out, looking for the all new 2017 Ford GT. How else would you explain the sightings we see all the time, which are getting more often every week?

The latest spotting of this kind took place earlier this week, with a brand-new Ford GT prototype being videoed while out testing. It looks like the American supercar was being driven in Indiana, but we’re hundred percent about that.

The people who caught the test car were in a Ford Mustang Convertible and weren’t shy about showing their appreciation for the new Ford GT. After driving close to the supercar, they gave the test driver a superhero’s thumbs up. We’re pretty sure that, in the world of people who are paid to test  not here in production cars, this is a signal for “you have to get out of here”.

At least this is what the driver of the Ford GT attempted to do. Once the traffic light that had kept the two vehicles together turned green, the test driver dipped into the potential of that TwinTurbo EcoBoost V6, but he was careful enough not to let us hear too much of the exhaust notes.

We also noticed the ride on this not finalize production prototype doesn’t seem to bring any surprises – after going over a crack in the broken asphalt, the car was shaken up quite a bit.

Ford plans to complete the final touches of the new-age GT next year, despite the project having only been in development since 2014. This brings a amazing pace, which explains why Ford engineers are working overtime to complete the task.

We know the 2017 Ford GT has a carbon fiber frame and also uses the wonder material for the    body shell. However, when it comes to its twin-turbo V6 engine, we can only tell you this delivers more than 600 hp. Enough horsepower to price the Ford GT in the $400,000 area.

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