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1995 BMW E34 Wagon With S38 M5 engine Swap

1995 BMW E34 Wagon With S38 M5 engine Swap

This BMW M5 Wagon clone (VIN WBAHJ51030GB88015) began life as a European BMW 525it before receiving a 3.6-liter S38 transplant from a 1991 M5. Because it’s imperfect & not the Euro-only real thing, you could haul mulch very quickly & never worry about door dings at Home Depot. Find it here on eBay in Pompano Beach, Florida for $16k BIN.

The seller claims a lot of work & cash were put into the conversion & we hope that means the job was done right. The purity of the upgrade stopped short of factory-spec turbine or throwing star wheels, but these items work well in a pinch. The suspension is lowered to a reasonable height using unidentified parts & is said to handle well, though ride quality sounds to be on the stiff side.

Inside you’ll find many real parts from the cloned model including the center console, dead pedal, Alcantara headliner & door sills. The steering wheel actually looks like one from an E39 chassis 5-series and the seats show common bolster wear. The color combination is a bit unusual but looks very good.

Under the hood, you’ll see six independent throttle bodies waiting to burble. Air-conditioning is not connected –this must be rough in tropically humid Florida–and the airbag light will need to be diagnosed as well. Apart from the swapped transmission, the car sounds to be largely stock E34 underneath.

We’re big fans of the concept, & have always thought a longroof M5 sounds like one of the best all-rounders one can buy. Provided this one’s running well & isn’t full of rust, it could make a good canvas on which to complete the full M swap.

Source: eBay

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