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12/16/2019 DPCcars Videos

12/16/2019 DPCcars Videos

In the Jeep showrooms in Italy the first examples of the unstoppable Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar ® , an all-wheel drive model with a 100% street legal set-up, equipped with Jeep Performance Parts that enhance the legendary capability off road . These days, moreover, the Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar ® is the protagonist of the media drive organized in the renowned town of Champoluc in Valle d’Aosta. Here, among the snow-capped peaks, the new model is highlighting the similarities shared between mountain and winter sports lovers and fans of the Jeep world and customization by Mopar, the FCA brand dedicated to after-sales products and services for all Group vehicles. «Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar is the result of perfect harmony between the American FCA brands that have been working together for many years to explore new territories of personalization – Giuseppe Galassi, Head of marketing and communication – Emea region Mopar -. Whether it’s going to remote places or reinterpreting classic design elements, the Mopar brand is ready to satisfy Jeep customers. And the continuous development of new customizations, a true mission of Mopar, will always characterize our future, our attention to the customer and the link with all the FCA brands ».

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