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11/17/2019 DPCcars Videos

11/17/2019 DPCcars Videos

McLaren Automotive acquires rights to the Elva name for new Ultimate Series roadster Open-cockpit two-seater celebrates Bruce McLaren-designed 1960s McLaren-Elva sportscars that embody McLaren’s pioneering design and engineering principles The lightest1 road car ever from McLaren Automotive, with bespoke carbon fibre chassis and body, unique carbon fibre seats and sintered carbon ceramic brakes Unparalleled driver engagement and Ultimate driving enjoyment, with absence of roof, windscreen and windows ensuring incredibly immersive and enthralling experience McLaren Active Air Management System (AAMS) is world-first; shelters occupants by manipulating air flow while retaining their connection to the elements Homologated for all major markets; fixed windscreen derivative also available New and unique McLaren ‘blurred boundaries’ design principle sees carbon fibre bodywork wrapping into the open-air cabin as exterior flows into the interior Breathtaking performance from 804bhp, twin-turbocharged McLaren V8: 0-62mph in under three seconds; 0-124mph quicker than the McLaren Senna, at just 6.7 seconds.

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