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09/17/2019 DPCcars Videos

09/17/2019 DPCcars Videos

Porsche announced that its Taycan Turbo S would be featured in a soon-to-be-released update for the PlayStation 4 video game Gran Turismo Sport. The release of Porsche’s high-performance EV in the premier racing series will give gamers who are unable to dish out $185,000 for the real Taycan Turbo S an opportunity to experience the electric powerhouse, at least virtually. The Turbo S is Porsche’s higher-powered trim, compared to the Taycan Turbo. The update of the game will include the Turbo S trim, thanks to a partnership between the Germany-based Porsche and Japanese-based video game development studio Polyphony Digital, the company responsible for producing the Gran Turismo Series. Gamers will be able to seize the opportunity to take the full advantage of the dual motor 750 horsepower electric sports sedan that sports a 161 MPH top speed for a spin on any of the game’s numerous tracks.

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