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02/13/2022 DPCcars

02/13/2022 DPCcars

The wait for the European versions of the new mid-engine Corvette Stingray came to an end. The new Corvette was available for European customers in October of 2021. The very first customers received their launch edition coupes and convertibles while sportscar enthusiasts who have not yet placed their order can as of now specify their individual Corvette version tailored to their preferences. They can choose between two trim levels and more exterior and interior options than ever before on any previous Corvette generation. And for the first time in Corvette’s history, customers in the UK can get their factory-built coupe or convertible with the steering wheel on the right side.

Supercar-level build quality, premium materials, new standards of performance and technology and exceptional attention to detail – these are the qualities that set the eighth-generation Corvette apart. It is the first ever mid-engined production version of the American sports car, starting a new and exciting chapter in Corvette’s 67-year history.

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