4x4 RC Trucks rock climbing

4x4 RC Trucks rock climbing, these little trucks and Jeeps look so real.
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Featured RC Videos:
Yokomo RC Car Drifting 06-14-07
Yokomo RC Car Drifting featuring some pro RC car drifters showing how to drift RC cars.
Giant RC Semi Truck 06-08-07
Awesome Giant RC Semi Truck being unloaded from its tow, this has got to be one of the best RC vehicles we have ever seen.
RC car diamond robbery 06-05-07
From a BollyWood movie, check out this awesome RC car diamond robbery.
RC Drift Team Italia DTi 05-29-07
Awesome RC Drift Team Italia DTi. These RC cars create tire smoke while drifting.
Giant DC-3 Ziroli Rc plane 05-25-07
Amazing lifelike Giant DC-3 Ziroli Rc plane. These RC planes look so real in flight.




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