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2006 Mustang Cobra
465HP, 6-speed manual running in the low 12's with a trap speed of 120mph! You choose the rear suspension set up, either IRS or Solid Rear Axle with the IRS apparently pulling over 1.0g in the corners. 5.4 Supercharged, 3 valve heads (with HUGE valves), forged internals similar to the 4.6 (Crank, rods, etc), modestly rated (under rated actually) ~465 HP/495 lb ft Torque, using a twin screw S/C similar to that on the Ford GT but pullied differently, hence the lower HP.

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 Racing Lightweight Wheels
Lightweight wheels are one of the key factors of an all around good performing car. Ask any true racer and they will tell you one of the first mods should be lightweight wheels.

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2006 Mustang Cobra.
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