BMW Dealer Asking 40K Over Sticker for the BMW 1M Coupe

As a hardcore car enthusiast and BMW fan I couldn't wait to see the BMW 1M Coupe in person. So this morning (June 23 2011) I get a phone call from my friend who had taken his BMW 335i for a software update calls me from the Pacific BMW in Glendale Ca telling me they have a BMW 1M Coupe on the showroom floor. I ask the usual questions about how does it look in person? he says pictures don't do this car justice you have to see it in person to appreciate the wheel flares they are huge. So the next question is how much is the sticker and what do they want over sticker? being a rare BMW I would assume they would add a few grand to the sticker. He tells me they haven't determined what they want over sticker but the sticker on the car is $54,635 with convenience package and premium package which is fare for a rare car like this. Fast forward three hours later I decide to drive down to the dealer and check out the car in person and get an idea what they are asking for the car. When I get there the car looks amazing and I feel its a bargain for such a rare machine, until I go around the car and see the dealer markup of $40,000 over sticker price. I just started to laugh so loud I think they knew what I was laughing at. So I snapped a few pictures and the over sticker sheet. Check out the pictures on the right and have a great laugh for yourself. The sheet displayed on the car is showing MSRP of $54,635 plus the $40,000 over MSRP for a grand total of $94,635. Anyone interested in buying one of these BMW beauties should wait a few weeks for things to cool off.
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