Dennis Rodman - Hummer H1

Like any other famous guy who enjoys standing out with his lifestyle, the 53-year old NBA player is amongst those who drive in style. Dennis Rodman is not just famous for his odd friendships, but also for the way he had his cars personalized. That’s also what makes this Hummer H1 wagon even more special.

The huge petrol-muncher is covered with this bitumen-like “airbrushed not wrapped” finish. Onto the customized exterior some sketches of nude women are found and there even is a painted Dennis Rodman on one side. He appears to take a peek into this virtual world of gorgeous goddesses that are all sitting on his wagon. Long story short, you’ll most likely have some heads turned once you drive this puppy on the road.

In specs, this particular unit of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite model car is in a pretty good shape, with just 22,000 miles on board. According to the eBay ad, the car was always garaged and pampered, so you need not to worry about the body work. The retired basketball player is asking $55,500 for a 1996 Hummer, but considering the celebrity factor and the vehicle’s shape it might just get the proper buyer in not time.