2008 Lexus LS600h L

Go in a ride with a Volkswagen Beetle 700 hp 427 big block chevy engine. This thing is insane. (more  Volkswagen videos)
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VW Golf with Suzuki Hayabusa engine
These guys have done a great job mating a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc motorcycle engine to a lightened up VW Golf. We are sure many people without seeing the car would think a motorcycle is coming their way.
VW Golf GTI Edition 30 vs Ford Focus ST
Fifth Gear test and car review featuring VW Golf GTI Edition 30 vs Ford Focus ST.
VW bus drag racing
Two VW bus's drag racing at a race track, these little vans would embarrass some sports cars.
2006 Volkswagen Rabbit
Car review and test featuring 2006 Volkswagen Rabbit from Edmunds.
Racing modified VW
Check out these Racing modified VW's shred the roads at the Berg Cup 2004.

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