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Widebody Nissan GT-R by Kuhl Racing

Widebody Nissan GT-R by Kuhl Racing

Is it just us or is Hyundai the only car company still interested in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas? This year, they’ve announced one debut almost every week, but we haven’t managed to get all that excited. However, we’ve discovered a Nissan GT-R made by a relatively unknown Japanese tuner that’s right up our alley and is worth 100 Velosters in curb appeal.

The firm in question is called Kuhl Racing. We’ve been following its work since viewing a custom Toyota GT 86 with metal etching. Kuhl has all sorts of custom creations on offer, including ones that target the Prius and popular JDM-only vans like the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire.

This candy apple red show car should get a lot of attention in SEMA because it’s much classier than the famous Liberty Walk version of the widened GT-R. Kuhl first grafted a complete body kit, including new bumpers, fenders and side skirts. The front end has been extended by 50mm on each side while the rear receives 70mm of beef for that bodybuilder look.



But they weren’t done with it and also stuck a Swanneck GT Wing on the rear. That’s the one that comes back and down, somewhat similar to the wings on dragsters. Emotion CR2P 20-inch wheels were installed, which wouldn’t have worked without the air suspension system.

In this day of chrome wrapping, it’s hard not to fall in love with the paintjob, which is done entirely by hand and features a dozen layers of clear coat.

This might not be the same type of GT-R that races Lamborghini and sets Nurburgring lap records, but we like it. If you think this Godzilla isn’t special because it doesn’t push 2,000 horsepower, you’re not a real fan! Especially in Japan, where strict speed limits are enforced, being different is as much a part of car culture as going fast.

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