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Porsche 968 With A Mazda Rotary Engine Swap

Porsche 968 With A Mazda Rotary Engine Swap

Ask Mazda RX with rotary owners what they love and dislike most about their vehicles and there’s a good chance that you’ll get the same reply: the rotary motor.

Mazda tried to get things right with the Mazda RX-8’s 1.3-liter RENESIS unit – especially after 2009 when they made several additional improvements, but it’s not what you’d call a best choice for an motor swap on another vehicle.

Like most German sports cars, the 1990s Porsche 968, which was the final model in a line that dated back to the Porsche 924 from 1976, had its own set of issues, but from what we know, its 237hp 3.0-liter inline-four was relatively robust.

That doesn’t mean Porsche’s big-four pot was issue-free, and we have to assume that something must have gone south for the owner of this Porsche 968 Convertible to replace it with a rotary unit from Mazda.

We’re not sure if the motor was sourced from a Mazda RX-8 or an Mazda RX-7 as the eBay listing (mistakenly) mentions both – perhaps our readers with more experience on RX Rotary models can tell from the pictures which version it is.

The engine is said to have 25K miles, and while the seller doesn’t say how many miles are on the body, an Autocheck lookup shows that the vehicle had 98,295 miles back in 2004.

The asking price on ebay is $8,995 or ‘Make Offer’.

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