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Porsche 911 Magazine Episode 7 – SPEED – Video

Porsche 911 Magazine Episode 7 – SPEED – Video

How the Porsche Motorsport Team drives home spectacular record times with the 911 GT3 RS. Two Frenchmen set out in pursuit of an extraordinary record. Race car driver Christina Nelson looks forward to Le Mans in a Porsche. What’s more: The 911 GT1 Evo and its extraordinary history. 9:11 Magazin dedicates this episode to “Speed.”


Four laps, four sub-seven-minute times. The 911 GT3 RS masters its trial-by-fire on the Nürburgring with flying colors – the new record: 6:56.4. That’s a whopping 24 seconds faster than its predecessor. The Porsche Motorsport team reveals what lies behind such power.





Chapter 2 reconstructs the history of a bold record attempt. In 1978, Jean-Claude Rude wanted to become the fastest cyclist in the world and reach 240 km/h – in the slipstream of a Porsche 935. Behind the wheel: No less a figure than Le Mans legend Henri Pescarolo …

In chapter 3, the wheels turn even faster. Race car driver Christina Nielsen was practically born with a love for speed. Today she is living out her passion on the race tracks of the world and will be in the field at the 2018 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a Porsche. 9:11 Magazin accompanied the steely Dane on a visit to her homeland.



Bringing speed to paper – a feat accomplished by former Porsche graphic designer Erich Strenger. His race posters celebrated Porsche racing triumphs around the world and played a defining role in shaping the public image of the brand. Today the signs are popular collector’s objects – and document the unforgotten successes from countless races.



Episode 7 ends with an especially rare vehicle: Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution. That this race car was even allowed for road use is down to a very special rule …

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