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RM Sotheby’s Pinnacle Portfolio auction Sold For $67,000,000

RM Sotheby’s Pinnacle Portfolio auction Sold For $67,000,000

As usual Ferraris continue to bring in money during classic vehicle auctions, and the sale of RM Sotheby’s Pinnacle Portfolio collection during 2015 Monterey Car Week is only more proof of that. The Prancing Horse took four of the top five spots among the all the 25 vehicles crossing the auction block. The call moneymaker among them was a beautiful 1964 Ferrari 250 LM with an extensive racing pedigree that went for a cool $17.6 million, according to the company’s unofficial numbers sent to the media.

The only rare car to keep Ferrari from taking all five spots was a meticulous and rare 1998 McLaren F1 LM-Specification that went for and incredible $13.75 million. It’s claim to fame included being the second-to-last road going of these famous supercars produced. Plus, the rare McLaren is only one of two with the gorgeous LM spec package, which included the 680-horsepower racing model of the V12.

Showing more rare modern Ferraris are also appreciating, for example a 2005 Enzo went for a respectful $6.05 million, taking third place out of the bunch. This example was the last one ever produced and was originally given as a gift by the Ferrari to Pope John Paul II. However, he had the  supercar sold for charity. Similarly beautiful, fourth place went to a 1994 F40 LM racecar for $3.3 million. And Finally, a breathtaking 1967 275 GTB/4 rounded out the top five also at a fair price of $3.3 million.

Miraculously, all the vehicles in the Pinnacle Portfolio came from just one owner who the company only identified as a “private US-based gentleman collector.” Check out the photo gallery to see all 25 rolling across the auction block, including a beautiful super rare Toyota 2000GT, Porsche 959, and Jaguar XJ220. W e can help but to drool over these cars.

Source: RM Sotheby’s Pinnacle Portfolio Auction

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