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Tennis Icon John McEnroe Ferrari 400I For Sale

October 12, 2015 |

The same year this Ferrari 400I was delivered new, its owner would win both the ATP player of the year and the ITF World Champion for Men’s singles. For those of you that haven’t been watching tennis back in the … Read More

This Guy Drives His Girlfriends $4.4 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

October 12, 2015 |

This is the $4.4 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster that a wealthy Middle Eastern gentleman allegedly bought for his girlfriend. Thanks to Auto Gespot and photographer Zappierjester Photographie, we have these stunning images of the ultra-exclusive supercar cruising around Geneva to … Read More

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 Drifting On Sand – Video

October 12, 2015 |

Amusingly enough, most videos we’ve seen the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 in have shown it posing on tarmac or having difficulty navigating tight city streets (or on track…).

However, it is much more at home where there are no roads, … Read More

Ford Focus RS gets stall recovery tech

October 12, 2015 |

Focus RS Engineers Drop the Hammer: Hot Hatch Buyers to Get Monstrous Output of 350 Horsepower, 350 Lb.-Ft.

• Unique 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine powering all-new Focus RS certified at 350 horsepower at 6,000 rpm on way to 6,800-rpm redline

• … Read More

Porsche-Martini themed MAN TGX

October 12, 2015 |

Porsche Centrum Gelderland has a new MAN special transporter

Since July, a special MAN truck can be seen cruising around Dutch roads: Porsche Centrum Gelderland uses an MAN TGX special transporter with paintwork matching the colours of the legendary “Martini … Read More

BMW M6 Convertible by G-Power

October 12, 2015 |

The basis for the electronic output increase from G-POWER for the BMW M6 convertible is the fact that G-POWER, in contrast to the manufacturer, does not use standard software full of compromises for the engine but an individual solution. G-POWER … Read More

Volvo S90 scale model reveals what the new big sedan will look like

October 12, 2015 |

The Volvo S90 is making an online comeback courtesy of a new batch of low-res images showing an official scale model.

This is by far our best look at Volvo’s upcoming flagship model set to replace the aging S80 and … Read More

Barn Find – 1971 Cuda 440-6 Barrel – 1 of 17 V-Code Convertibles – Video

October 12, 2015 |

A very rare 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Convertible powered by its original 440-6 Barrel engine (called 440-6 pack when installed in Dodge cars). This rare fish had been sitting in storage for approximately 35 years before it was recently uncovered. The … Read More

Mercedes uncrashable Toy Cars – Video

October 12, 2015 |

Kids love to crash toy cars. But what happens if they can’t? In order to promote the Brake Assist System PLUS, Mercedes-Benz installed super strong magnets inside toy cars, and delivered them to people with the highest safety demands: … Read More

Alfa Romeo Giulia with Diesel engine spied – Video

October 12, 2015 |


We are still waiting for a confirmation of the full Alfa Romeo Giulia engine range but a lower-spec prototype of the model has been filmed testing.

What we’ve got here appears to be the base version of the … Read More

Marchettino gets a ride on the track in a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – Video

October 12, 2015 |


The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is a very rare car. Only 9 will be made and most of them are destined to spend most of their time behhind garage doors. So you can say this following video is very … Read More

1100WHP C3 Corvette with Supra 2JZ Engine – Video

October 11, 2015 |

If there’s anything that can serve as a cover for professional haters, be they keyboard warriors or actual drivers, the purist suit has to be it.

Claim you’re one of the purists and your rage against anything that’s “unorthodox” will … Read More

Video Update – 700 bhp & all-wheel drive Neiman Marcus Ford Mustang

October 11, 2015 |

Neiman Marcus has announced plans to offer a limited edition Ford Mustang in this year’s Christmas Book.

Dubbed the 2015 Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Mustang Convertible, the model features a tri-color exterior with Lexan windows and 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped … Read More

Hideous Cars Part 15

October 11, 2015 |

Every month we witness things going from ugly to uglier in these galleries. And then we share it with you brave readers. Welcome to the latest edition of Hideous Cars..

There is no explanation for any of the people … Read More

DUI Women almost takes out 4 people – Video

October 11, 2015 |

This scary dash cam video come to us from Yana Krasnov in Long Island. She was stopped at a red light with her two kids in the car, ages 7 and 4. That’s when Linda Spina ran right into … Read More

Super Rare Lamborghini Miura S Barn Find

October 11, 2015 |

John Temerian is the president of Lou La Vie, an exotic and luxury car rental service located in Miami. In addition to renting out a stable of the world’s finest cars he also owns a few of them, including this … Read More

Hillclimb in a bathtub

October 10, 2015 |

Hillclimbs are always fun to watch. Stripped out race cars attacking corners at ludicrous speeds or classic roadsters caressing corners is always a spectacle. And then there are the outliers who attack hills in “interesting” vehicles like this one. … Read More

Motor Trend – Know How to Dominate Passing On The Track – Video

October 10, 2015 |

In racing, it’s the art of telling someone that you’re better than them. That’s right, we’re talking about passing! On this episode of The Racing Line presented by Tire Rack, pro driver Randy Pobst shows you what passing is … Read More

Worlds fastest Audi R8 with 2100+ horsepower – Video

October 10, 2015 |

A new 2100+hp king has stepped up the to podium! This beautiful Underground Racing Twin Turbo Audi R8 takes the crown and reigns champion above all in the Texas Invitational Fall 2015 event. Facing tough competition, this car consistently … Read More

Woman does donuts in intersection ends flipping car – Video

October 10, 2015 |

This video is the definition of someone losing it. It stars a woman who is obviously having a bad day. We don’t know what caused such an epic meltdown but we do know where it took place, that would … Read More

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