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New Mercedes Benz Tourismo RHD Touring Bus – Video

New Mercedes Benz Tourismo RHD Touring Bus – Video

World premiere for the new high-deck touring coach from Mercedes-Benz. The brief was: maximum cost effectiveness, safety, functionality and comfort. The outcome is the new Tourismo RHD – a touring coach with features that impress companies, passengers and drivers alike. A significantly extended range of appointment variants and engines means that the new Tourismo RHD lends itself to an extraordinarily wide spectrum of applications. Its field of activity includes long-distance regular-service routes and long-distance touring through to shuttle services, excursion travel and occasional use on inter-city routes. All of which add up to identify the new Tourismo RHD as the new star in the business segment, which is how Mercedes-Benz defines this multi-faceted area of the bus and coach sector. The new Tourismo RHD is set to supersede Europe’s best-selling high-deck touring coach after eleven years. Series production of the Tourismo RHD starts in July of this year, with all models on stream by the end of 2017.


For companies, maximum cost effectiveness primarily means minimal costs. The new Tourismo RHD will meet this aspiration, thanks to a fuel consumption level that has been reduced still further: Fuel consumption is reduced by around 4.5 percent primarily through optimised aerodynamics and the completely new, timeless and elegantly designed body including weight reduction. The saving amounts to as much as seven percent when the consumption advantage of the OM 470 engine generation with efficiency package, which was introduced in summer 2016, is included.

The drive configuration for the Tourismo RHD is based on the latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz OM 470 in-line six-cylinder unit with a displacement of 10.7 l and efficiency package. A new top-of-the-range engine with 335 kW (456 hp) combines outstanding vehicle dynamics with low fuel consumption. Also new to the Tourismo RHD is the compact in-line six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 936 with a displacement of 7.7 l and output of 260 kW (354 hp). This combines low fuel consumption with a low weight, giving it an increased payload and further improved economic efficiency.

With new optional equipment items such as Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) or Eco Driver Feedback (EDF), fuel consumption and thus also emissions can be reduced still further.

The emergency braking system Active Brake Assist 3 (ABA 3), Stop/Start Assist for use in stop-and-go traffic and the drowsiness detection system Attention Assist (AtAs) are just three examples among many of the sophisticated safety technology of the new Tourismo RHD. Its extensive range of safety features can be individually configured to suit the proposed area of use. The standard package of safety technology in the new high-deck touring coach is already exemplary; the maximum level of equipment possible unsurpassed.

In terms of passive safety it also sets new standards in this segment: if, despite all safety measures, an accident should happen, the unique Front Collision Guard (FCG) is there to protect driver and co-driver in the event of a collision. The coach’s completely new annular frame construction provides maximum survival space for both passengers and driver should it overturn sideways.

The new Tourismo RHD offers its passengers a true sense of well-being. Passengers are made to feel welcome on board by the convenient, ergonomic entry steps and the airy, pleasingly-designed vehicle interior. A further highlight is the new Softline seating: the attractive diamond-shaped pattern on the seat and backrest calls to mind luxury-class Mercedes saloons. With a range of different patterns for the flooring, numerous fabric options for seat covers, side walls, curtains, the underside of the luggage shelves and the central ceiling panel, the new Tourismo RHD impresses as an individually custom-designed touring coach.

Further eye-catching features include the redesigned service sets, available with a choice of decorative surrounds. A new galley design for the interior of the Tourismo RHD, with a multitude of equipment options, helps improve passenger comfort, as does the new climate control system: two-zone controls with fully automatic adjustment and two separate circuits each for the heating and climate control respectively ensure a constant temperature profile throughout the vehicle.

For a company, a high-deck touring coach is an investment; for drivers, it is their place of work. Both of them have extremely high expectations in terms of functionality. The new Tourismo RHD lives up to this expectation courtesy of its modular system. With four models in three different lengths, the high-deck model covers virtually all requirements. All models are – and this is new – available in either left-hand or right-hand-drive versions.

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