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Awesome dude takes his taxi driver to Ferrari World

Awesome dude takes his taxi driver to Ferrari World

Liam Murphy from Cork, Ireland is far new hero now. He was on a work trip to Dubai when he thought it would be a good idea to take a day off to go to Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi on Monday. On the way there, he started a conversation with his nice Indian taxi driver Shakiha. Since they had enough time to get to know each other and become friends, the Irish hero man found that the taxidriver had been working in the United Arab Emirates for 14 years, sending home money to his family in India for all this time. He also said he never had been inside the park.

It turns out the a taxi driver would always wait outside until customers would come back, yet never went inside to amusement park himself. Murphy couldn’t leave things like the way to where, so he decided to make the taxi driver Shakiha’s day. He paid the 250AED ($68) for an extra admission ticket and off they went inside. The awesome dude later posted a couple of photos with him, and his new friend quoting:

“Got a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi today. Indian taxi driver living here 14 yrs yet was never in Ferrari World. He was going to wait in the car for 4 hrs. Today I made his dreams come true for the laugh. ‘I will pray God for you sir’. Some craic with the hoore all day. His first ever roller coaster ride was on the fastest in the world. ‘I do not feel well sir’. Shakiha will sleep well tonight.”

W e just love stories like this.

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