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Audi Piloted Driving Explained – Video

Audi Piloted Driving Explained – Video

The introduction of automated vehicles represents an essential innovation that can dramatically reduce the 94 percent of accidents that happen on our roads and are attributed to human error.

Audi piloted driving technology meets the strictest safety standards and will allow motorists to hand over driving functions to new systems using sensors, cameras, laser scanners and artificial intelligence, which all combine to handle steering, braking, acceleration, maneuvering, monitoring and even reacting to the highway road environment.

To get to full autonomy, auto innovators will need to be transparent about what automated technologies can and cannot do, and the timeline for their availability. Audi has been and will remain at the forefront of this technology, leading the transformation in mobility to bring greater safety to our roads, improve system-wide efficiency, and offer greater mobility.


Deep learning technology will enable skilled handling of real-road complexities, delivering safer automated vehicles earlier, with the intent of delivering highly automated automobiles starting in 2020. Audi will expand testing of highly automated, artificial intelligence-equipped vehicles in 2018.

Today, no vehicle on the road has surpassed Level 2 automation. The Level 2 “Traffic Jam Assist” feature available on the 2017 Audi A4 and Q7 allows for 15-second intervals of hands-off driving at slower speeds. The driver must constantly be alert and aware, and intervene immediately as needed.

In 2017, Audi will introduce what’s expected to the world’s first to-market Level 3 automated driving system with “Traffic Jam Pilot” in the next generation Audi A8. The system will give drivers the option to travel hands-free up to 35 mph, when certain conditions are met prior to enadling this feature — for instance, the vehicle will ensure it is on a limited-access, divided highway.

In 2020-2021, Audi will introduce a Level 4 “Highway Pilot” feature—technology similar to what has been demonstrated in our concept vehicle “Jack”—that offers hands-free driving at posted limited access highway speeds in which the vehicle can execute lane changes and pass cars independently.

Audi Level 3 technology uses a series of safety checkpoints, including:

Driver Availability Detection confirms that the driver is active and available to intervene. If not, it will bring the car to a safe stop.
The vehicle ensures that the road is suitable for piloted driving by detecting features of the surroundings like lane markings, shoulders, and side barriers.
Sensor and camera redundancy systems mean the system “sees” in multiple ways.
Backup systems will be in place for steering and braking.

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