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2018 Maserati Levante Media Test Drive in Dubai – Video

2018 Maserati Levante Media Test Drive in Dubai – Video

This is a vehicle the company insists remains a true Maserati at heart. It comes with a twin-turbo three-litre V-6 engine in two levels of tune. The Dhs329,000 base model makes 350 horsepower and 500Nm torque, while the Dhs379,000 S spits out 430 horsepower and 580Nm with the taps fully open. Both have been tweaked by Ferrari’s engine boffins, and both sound as though they’re bred more for a life on track and high performance than as sedate family movers for soccer moms and commuters.

Priority, as it should be, has been placed on making that sound as immense as possible. In Sport mode, the Levante begins to get aroused at around 3000rpm when the car’s computer triggers bypass valves in the exhaust system, venting a glorious rasp right up to that car’s 6200rpm redline. It’s incredibly satisfying from the driver’s seat as you reach for another gear.



There’s no question that the Levante is quick and handles well, much of which can be attributed to the combination of aluminium control arms up front and five link rear suspension, with standard air springs and electronically controlled dampers. The system has five ride-height settings, including two each for sporty and off-road driving.

Prodding the Sport button twice triggers sweeping changes that stiffen the dampers considerably, limiting the amount the car squats under acceleration and dives under braking.

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