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2018 Jaguar E-PACE Media Test Drive – Video

2018 Jaguar E-PACE Media Test Drive – Video

If it looks like a Jaguar, it should drive like a Jaguar. The E-PACE won’t disappoint anyone here – it’s a Jaguar to its very core.Riding on an architecture and technology developed specially for a car of its size, proportion and purpose, its Integral Link rear suspension is shared with Jaguar’s range of award-winning, ‘great-to-ride-in-even-better-to-drive’ saloon cars and F-PACE, reworked only to make it more compact still. That means more space inside and more space for the wheels to travel outside. The E-PACE is a compact SUV in more than just name.

All-wheel-drive E-PACE models come with a choice of Jaguar’s new Active Driveline AWD system allowing them to be driven like any rear-wheel-drive Jaguar. So power-on oversteer and controlled drifts then. And Active Driveline isn’t just there for play. In steady driving it disengages, meaning drive is supplied to the front wheels only, eradicating friction losses and boosting fuel efficiency. Re-coupling occurs in just 300 milliseconds.

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