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2017 Ford Ka/Figo Crash Test & Rating – Video

2017 Ford Ka/Figo Crash Test & Rating – Video

Frontal impact: The driver head had adequate protection. The driver head bottomed out the airbag. Driver chest had marginal protection. The driver and passenger knees areas showed critical structures. Passenger head and neck had good protection while the chest showed adequate protection. The bodyshellwas rated as stable and was capable of withstanding further loading. The footwell was stable and showed no rupture after the impact. The vehicle has Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) that meet Latin NCAP requirements for the Driver position only. The car has seatbelt pretensioner only in driver side. In the side impact the head and pelvis had good protection and, the abdomen adequate protection but chest showed poor protection directly in the dummy readings which explains the result of zero stars, the car does not have side airbags, it does not have side impact structural reinforcements in the doors and no pelvis energy absorption elements in the door or inner door panel.

The car showed a high penetration of the movable barrier that caused a high displacement of the B-pillar which questions the protection capacity of the car to offer better side impact protection even when equipped with side airbags. The rear door opened during the side impact exposing the passengers to higher risks. The car is not equipped with ESC according to Latin NCAP requirements. Side pole impact test was not performed, the car does not offer side head protection airbags as standard.

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