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1100WHP C3 Corvette with Supra 2JZ Engine – Video

1100WHP C3 Corvette with Supra 2JZ Engine – Video

If there’s anything that can serve as a cover for professional haters, be they keyboard warriors or actual drivers, the purist suit has to be it.

Claim you’re one of the purists and your rage against anything that’s “unorthodox” will suddenly be backed by an irrefutable argument.

Fortunately, people who play dirty in the manner described above can’t say they’re entirely safe. Not when projects such as the one we’re discussing today arise.

We’re talking about trolling mechanical monsters here. How else could you look at a C3 Chevrolet Corvette motivated by a 2JZ heart?

And to dismiss all mean claims, the contraption has recently managed to pull an 8s quarter mile run. The JDM-powered ‘Vette delivered respectable numbers, with an 8.9s run at 153 mph (246 km/h).


Under the hood of the C3 we now find a 2JZGTE unit, one that has been gifted with a turbo the size of Japan. The engine came out of a Lexus SC300, with the Corvette chassis being used thanks to the fact that it’s lighter.

With 1,000 hp at the rear wheels, a C3 needs a ton of other mods that allow it to cope with the power. We’ll start by mentioning the long list of engine upgrades is headed by forged internals. As for the gearbox, we are talking about a Powerglide transmission. The suspension comes from Strange, while the C3 also has a wheelie bar.

At the moment, the car looks far from the definition of safe, but since the project seems to be in its early stages, we can only be glad to see it delivering the performance.

For instance, that front end lift can easily give you the chills, so let’s hope the owner does something about it.

Yes, Corvettes have been playing in the 8s quarter mile area for decades now. And no, the JDM engine is not necessarily lighter than a good old V8. But we want to applaud this project for being different. Such a pathway requires extra resources and dedication, something that is far more important than a set of impressive figures.


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