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03/27/2022 DPCcars

03/27/2022 DPCcars

Mercedes-Benz goes a step further when it comes to parking: With the pre-installation for the INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, the EQS is prepared for Automated Valet Parking (AVP, SAE level 4). Together with the required optional equipment and the corresponding Connect service (depending on the country), the new EQS has the technology on board to park and unpark fully automatically and driverless in car parks equipped with AVP infrastructure, provided that national laws permit such operation. The vision: The driver parks their vehicle securely within a predefined drop-off area of the parking garage and starts the parking process via smartphone app after all occupants have exited. The sensor system in the car park checks whether a suitable space is available. If so, the driver receives confirmation on the app that the vehicle has been taken over by the AVP infrastructure. Now they can leave the EQS and the car park. The vehicle is then started automatically, and automatically drives to its parking space with the help of the infrastructure installed in the car park. Conversely, the driver can have their EQS drive up to a predefined pick-up area by smartphone command.

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